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Without faith a man can do nothing; with it all things are possible. – Sir William Osler

The story of Job is about holding to our faith in the midst of trials and seeing God restore everything brilliantly, but the story of Jesus is the only one I follow. There is no question that God can turn any situation around for his glory and for our benefit. But until you walk in my shoes, until you walk in the shoes of those who are hurting, you cannot comprehend, nor can you understand.

I think of Job a lot, especially lately. He was a man of integrity and walked upright before God. Yet when he lost everything he had, including his own children, he was so distraught he cursed the day he was born.

Through it all, he said that God slew him yet he will trust God. Job says, I don’t know, I don’t understand, I can’t figure this out, I cannot comprehend why this is happening to me. But I will trust him! I will trust him! I will trust him!

Did God fail you? Did he let you down? And listen, it’s alright to think and wonder if he did. Because that is human nature.

We all live in a real world where bad things happen to good people. It is part of life. And we must learn to submit to God and His will and trust that he and only he knows what is best. We must not lose our faith. We must hold on to our faith.

Faith is also standing true to God when everything is going wrong.
Faith is trusting God even when the storms are raging.
Faith is holding on when our natural inclination is to turn loose.
Faith believes God’s Word in spite of the circumstances
Faith is saying, God I don’t understand, but I am going to trust you anyhow.

Be on your guard; stand firm in the faith; be courageous; be strong. – 1 Corinthians 16:13


Written by Dr Charisse le Roux, from the book ‘Courageous Hope’