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Your family legacy is determined by the actions that you take today. – John Di Lemme

How would you like to be remembered and what would people put on your tombstone? Would you be remembered for making promises that you have no intention of keeping? Would you be remembered for lying or cheating? Would it say, “wife beater” or “she loved the poor”?

Maybe you are a preacher, or whoever you are. It may be in a very small circle, but you are affecting someone. You are a preacher in your own home. There is a story of a father who kept a jug of whiskey hidden in a barn. It was his habit to go out there every morning and get himself a drink. On a snowy morning he went out to the barn as was his habit, but this time he
heard someone behind him. He turned around and found that it was his little son following him, stepping in the footsteps in the snow where his father had walked. The father asked, “What are you doing, son?” The boy answered, “I’m following in your footsteps.” He sent the boy back into the house, and then he went out to the barn and smashed that jug of whiskey. He realized that he didn’t want his boy to be following in his footsteps. Someone in your home is following in your footsteps. Where are you leading him?

Will we fight battles in the flesh and try to use our own strength to change the world? Or will we be changed by the light, hear God’s voice and obey his call? Will we preach the gospel and let Jesus change the world? It’s up to us! People will forget the superficial things, but they’ll never forget your compassion and kindness.

Romans 14:12
Each of you shall give an account of himself to God.