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Eduard Gerdes (1812- 1898) attended a church service, which led to a change in his life. He started to attend church meetings regularly. He also took part in evangelism and was trained as a Minister. The most famous song that he wrote, was: “Daar ruist langs de wolken.” As a child I knew this song very well, but it was only much later that I realised how wonderful this song summarises the evangelical message. There rustles through the clouds a lovely name, which unites heaven and earth. No name is sweeter and better for the heart. He embalms our wounds and heals all our pain! Know ye, know ye that name so sweet? That is the name of my Saviour, who saves by his blood! That name is truly worthy of my Jesus, for He came to save us here. He so loved sinners that He died for them. Grace gained with God through his atoning blood. Know ye, know ye not that Jesus left heaven to save us? Everything will bow before Jesus in the dust, and angels will constantly sing his praise. O that we all before Jesus may stand. Then we will raise in jubilant tone: “Jesus, Jesus, thy name be honoured, For Thou art of men and angels the Lord!”

The words “There rustles through the clouds a lovely name,” may sound strange. Nevertheless we notice that such poetic language is often used in the Bible, e.g. : “Let the rivers clap their hands; let the hills sing for joy before The LORD (Ps. 98: 8,9). God Himself spoke from a cloud, while Jesus and 3 of His disciples were on a mountain: “While He was talking, a shining cloud came over them and a voice from the cloud said: ‘This is my own dear Son with whom I am pleased – listen to Him!'” (Matt. 17: 5). Jesus was taken away by a cloud after His resurrection. After saying this He was taken up to heaven as they watched Him and a cloud took Him from their sight (Acts 1: 9). Jesus will come again (or return) on clouds. “They shall see the Son of Man come on the clouds of heaven with power and great glory” (Matt. 24: 30).

Jesus will unite us with heaven and Gerdes sings about this name, Jesus. Our wounds and sorrows are healed by this Jesus. He then asks the most important question of all times: “Know ye, know ye that name so sweet?” Which name must be known to us? Gerdes answers: “That is the name of My Saviour, who saves by His blood!” My Saviour is Jesus Christ, who died on the cross, thus paying for all mankind`s sins. He came to the earth to die for sinners. He came to save people on earth. Gerdes sing: “He so loved sinners that He died for them. Grace gained with God through His atoning blood.” Jesus paid for our sins so that we can be reconciled with God and so that we can be with God forever.

We can also pray with Gerdes: Oh, that we all before Jesus may stand. Then we will raise in jubilant tone: “Jesus, Jesus, Thy name be honoured, for Thou art of men and angels the Lord.” Amen.


Gert Berning