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The Church, or Liturgical Calendar, is the celebration of the good news of salvation in Christ. In following the liturgical calendar, we celebrate – and in a sense relive and partake in – the historical events of Jesus’ life, his words and deeds while he sojourned the earth. The meditations in this book are all linked to the Church Calendar; they help us reflect on the meaning of each of the Jesus-events. The meditations are helpful for ministers and  others leaders who need to lead worship services, but it will also be helpful to everybody who would like to grow spiritually. The meditations are clear and concise, but with a wealth of applicable wisdom. The booklet is indeed a celebration of the Good News!

Linda Lubbe was ordained as priest in the Anglican Church in 2002. She finished matric at St Mary’s School, Waverley, Johannesburg. She commenced her theological studies at Rosebank Bible College. While working, mostly as a lay person and eventually as priest, she continued her post graduate studies in theology at Unisa. She obtained a PhD on the “Comparison of Celtic and African Spirituality”. She is also busy with further studies in Psychology. Linda is currently Priest in Charge of the Ga-Seabe Parish near Bela Bela in Limpopo. She loves reading, astronomy, bird watching and films.

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