Navigating Singleness


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 “ There is no shame in singleness”

Singleness is a topic not often spoken about after the age of 30 and then it seems to disappear altogether after the 40 year mark.

The contributors to Navigating singleness decided to break the silence and share with you from their authentic journeys.

“Oh, you’re still waiting!” I remember someone telling me that when she heard that I was still single. The word waiting also means: pause, staying, lingering, to kill time, to pass the time, to hang around, hang on, delay …

Wow, what a sad way to live and thankfully there is so much more to every season of our lives than mere waiting. There are adventures to be had, new ground to break, so much on every level of living to explore, and ever more amazing aspects about God to encounter. At any moment we can press the “play” button instead of “pause” and life is always way more fun in play mode.

Be inspired, encouraged, ministered to and loved on as you read your own story in these stories in Navigating singleness – and through it all see the red thread of His eternal love for you.

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