South Africa – land of many religions


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South Africa is a land of many religions, where Christians, Muslims, Hindus and Jews live and work together on a daily basis. This makes life interesting, but it raises questions as well:

  • What do Muslims and Jews believe?
  • What are the main tenets of the Christian faith?
  • How should I approach Hindus, Buddhists and Bahá’í believers?
  •  Are the traditional African religions still of importance in South Africa today?

After introducing the reader to the various religions of South Africa, the book attends to the deeper questions we are facing:

  • Are all religions equally true?
  • Do we believe in the same God?
  • Can Christians share their deepest beliefs and experiences with people of other faiths?
  • What are the essential guidelines for a dialogue between people of different religions?

Each of the authors of the different chapters is considered an expert in his field, either by virtue of his lecturing assignment as well as through personal involvement and experience.

Editors: Piet Meiring and Arno Meiring

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