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Every new day is a chance at a fresh start! You have a choice each day to do something different than you did the day before. Have tea instead of coffee, create art instead of cleaning the house, spend time with family instead of being on your phone, or take a nap. The choice is yours; choose wisely. – Martha Beck

We need to get focussed by getting rid of the clutter of regrets and things that the Lord never said. God wants us to step into an expansion, to extend or stretch our dwelling places. All of this starts with the words we think and speak over our lives.

Did you know that the words you speak can also greatly affect your actions, your entire body, and can determine the course of your life? According to leading neurosurgeons, the speech centre in the brain has total dominion over all the other nerves in the body. For example, if a person keeps saying, I’m too weak to do that, I don’t have the ability, I’m afraid to try – right away the nerves receive the message from the central nervous system saying they are weak or incapable, and their body begins to adjust itself to what it has heard.

If you continually speak negative words of fear, doubt and discouragement, you are setting the course of your life to live in discouragement and defeat. If you constantly talk about your problems, your sickness, lack of finances, you will continue to live with these problems. But if you take control over your tongue, begin to fill your mouth with faith-filled words and the powerful Word of God and speak it forth, you will be setting the course of a victorious life.

Your words have power to release God’s promises over your circumstances. Even when you cannot see your circumstance change right away, the words you have spoken have been sent out on a mission to accomplish God’s promises. Even in the most impossible situations, God has given us the ability to use our words to put our hope and trust in him, and revive our dreams.

Enlarge the place of your tent and let them stretch out the curtains of your dwellings; Do not spare; Lengthen your cords and strengthen your stakes. Isaiah 54:2

Written by Dr Charisse le Roux