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You are amazing just as you are. More beautiful than you can see, stronger than you feel, and more worthy than you will ever know. – Author unknown

I the Lord am the One who carries you through moments when you feel you can no longer stand. I have desired you, loved you, from the beginning. I would not leave you. You are where I want to be. So, I remain close. I remain with you.

What is it like to remain with me? Remaining with me is not a stagnant place. We may wait together, be wise and patient and take small steps together. But when it is time to step forward into something more, you must rely even more on my love for you to propel you on.

He has the big plan, the goal he wants to accomplish, but often he doesn’t tell us this from the start. Rather he leads us along as we are able. Leading us step by step. He knows us. He knows what we are capable of. He knows when we need reassurance. God gives us the power to do what he commands at the moment, not to do what he will call us to do in the future. Trust God, be confident that he is our strength, he will be with us and that he will not ask of us something we cannot do.

But I am with you here, too, I whisper. Go on, girl, my daughter. Remember I am with you. You are ever invited deeper and deeper into the knowledge and awareness of my love for you. Take a step with me. Remember we go together.

I am with you always, even to the end of the age. Matthew 28:20


Written by Dr Charisse le Roux