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Make a Donation


Christian Literature Fund uses donations to provide free and affordable Christian literature to people around the world in their languages. This literature takes the form of pamphlets which tackle the modern challenges of society and equip readers with practical advice and tools for every day living, a collection of affordable books to help people foster their faith, and projects to support those in need, such as the One million Bibles for one million children.


Make a donation directly into our bank account

You can pay your donation directly into our bank account:

Account name: CLF
Account number: 470 188 502
Account type: Current Account
Branch code: 632005

Please state your name as reference or if you are an existing donor, state your reference number.

If you want to obtain your own reference number, send an e-mail with your full name, telephone number and postal address to

Make a donation via debit order

Download our debit order from and fax it to 086 665 0339 or email it to

Make a donation via credit card

Click here to make an online donation. We use Payfast as our secure payment gateway. Please note that Payfast does not accept credit card payments less than R50.

You can also add a donation to your order if you buy anything from our online store. In the Cart page simply add the amount in the Add Donation field as shown below.

Make a donation via a bequest

Many people prefer to bequeath something in their final will to a Christian charity or non-profit organisation. Not only does it relieve the tax load on your estate, but it also enables these organisations to continue with their invaluable community and Kingdom services.

Your will is the only way in which you can be sure that your wishes become reality after your passing. Additionally, it makes provision for the care of your next of kin.


Will and codicil

A will is one of the most vital documents in our lives. It is easy to draw up, but not simple enough to do on one’s own. Consult your bank manager, insurance or investment advisor or attorney for assistance.

Moreover, this becomes the case with the codicil clause in your will. This is the section of your will, in which you stipulate that you have left Christian Literature Fund (CLF), a bequest from your estate. We are not equipped to handle your will or the codicil, but we can: assist you, advise you, refer you to the experts, and provide you with the document.

If you prefer, stipulate in your will or codicil, that your bequest is deposited into a marketing reserve fund after your passing. This means that the capital will remain untouched; and that the returns on your investment will be made available to CLF, enabling us to spread the Word of God via the printing and distribution of Christian material.

Also, remember that you are able to change your will at any time if your circumstances change. The bequest can be raised, lowered, or cancelled however or whenever you see fit. In both instances your inheritance will be living on and continue contributing to spread the Message of the Bible.

Please indicate in your will how you want to favour CLF:

  • a specific or fixed amount of money
  • a percentage of your estate
  • a specific asset
  • life insurance policy/ies
  • a remaining amount (that which is left of your estate after your loved ones have been provided for)

Should you decide to bequeath an amount or asset to CLF, it is important to use the full name and address:
Christian Literature Fund
19 Oudepont street, Wellington Industrial Park
Wellington 7654
(021) 873 6964

If you already have a will, it does not need to change. Ask the bank or institution that handles your will to add a codicil to your will with details about your bequest to CLF.

Make a donation via Snapscan

Scan the QR code below to donate via Snapscan.

make a donation christian literature fund